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Manga and Mozart

Opera-tunities for education, creativity, and fun await!

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New Edition!

Semi-realistic Manga (Japanese drawing style) meets Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, and more in this entertaining, unique, and educational book of beloved characters and scenes from some

of the most famous operas ever written.

Each character is hand drawn and adorned in historically accurate attire, with patterns and furnishings showcasing essentially what would have been seen in real life.

Interesting facts about each opera and the fashions are included on separate pages, with borders, (also colorable) that represent the styles of that time period.


Enjoy a fresh, modern interpretation of a timeless
and beloved art form, intended for all ages.

Horned helmets optional!


(This book earned OVI's Project of Special Merit Award 

for opera advocacy).

Hues of Happiness

A few of the colorful adventures from the coloring book,

Hues of Happiness. These drawings were actually created with

a laptop mouse!

Click the arrows to view a sampling of the pages.


Appealing to all ages, this beautifully detailed coloring book features intricate illustrations spanning an array of subjects. Colorists will shade their way through delicate florals, tessellations, ornate knotwork and more on their journey. You’ll notice influence from Celtic knotwork, Mughal paintings, mehndi (henna) designs, and Nordic carvings.
While the subject matter varies, they are united by this
unique, global aesthetic.


Break out the colored pencils, pens, and markers and let your creativity go wild with hues of happiness!

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