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Coloring Books

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Manga & Mozart 

30 illustrations + 30 short, interesting explanations introducing

the operas featured 

New edition!


Suitable for opera-lovers, and those who don't know they love opera yet, this book offers the perfect balance of  fun, education, and inspiration.
Did you know... 

  • The heroine from the opera Manon Lescaut languished in the  geographically impossible deserts surrounding New Orleans, Louisiana, due to the librettists' geography error.

  • Mozart used the key of E-flat major to represent wisdom and enlightenment in The Magic Flute.

  • Queen Cleopatra was famed for both her beauty and brains: she spoke 5-9 languages.

  • When bored, Mozart was known to jump on a table and meow like a cat. 

  • As a boy, Giacomo Puccini disliked playing the organ at church so much, he would hide the organ pipes. 

Share the love! Coloring is a perfect way to spend one-on-one

time with your loved ones and friends. 

$12.00 USD; Click the picture to purchase on Amazon!



Hues of Happiness 

40 hand drawn prints to inspire joy and creativity 

Did you know that studies show coloring intricate designs for 20 minutes or more is an effective way to lower heart rate and decrease feelings of anxiety?

Hues of Happiness offers a wide variety of designs: from mandalas, to knotwork, to portraits, animals, and more.



$9.99 USD; Click the picture to purchase on Amazon!

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